Nova Dogsport


Do you have a puppy or older dog you would love to show but are brand new to showing, get nervous when you go into the ring and/or are having issues with your dog? Does your dog lack confidence, pulls on the lead or refuses to stand still for the stand for examination? Then this is the class for you!

In this class we will cover the basic ins and outs of showing – where to find information on upcoming shows, how to enter your dog, basic grooming tips (bath and nail trimming), good sportsmanship, ring procedures and handling so you can go into the ring with confidence. We will also work on confidence building for your dog, body awareness (helpful for quick free stacks), and individual troubleshooting. Even if you do not plan on handling your dog yourself, your handler will appreciate you and your dog knowing the basics of the show ring.

In addition, we will go over tricks that can be done while in the show ring. Why teach your dog tricks? Because they are invaluable in making the ring fun for your dog and a “up”, showy dog is more likely to catch the judge’s attention than one that obviously doesn’t want to be in the ring. If your dog is stressed, do a trick! If you are stressed, do a trick! If your dog is losing its “look at me” attitude, do a trick! If you have just won big and want to celebrate – do a trick! 

Classes: Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 AM 

Cost: $25 per class, paid by the month. Max of 6 dogs in the class. 2 spots available.
Email instructor Brenda Potter at to register.

As there will be puppies in this class, it is not suitable for dogs with aggression or reactive issues.