Nose Work

It’s never too late to teach any dog a new trick or learn a new game! Nose Work classes are suited for any size dog, of any breed or mix and of any age over 6 months. Even dogs with impairments such as blindness or deafness are able to compete (if you choose to do so). Nose Work is fabulous for those dogs needing focus or fighting boredom while rehabilitating from injury. It is a low / no impact, mentally stimulating game that dogs truly enjoy!

All classes are designed to be a fun activity with dogs and their owners. Nose Work is perfect for those who want to try recreational scent detection, but we also train competitive level skills for those who want to trial and earn titles. We follow rules set by both CKC and SDDA, and will cover the 4 D’s: Drive, Duration, Distance and Distractions!

Dog and handler teams learn to search for targeted essential oil scents in enjoyable yet challenging ways that mimic the same situations as professional detection teams. There’s nothing better than watching your dog having a blast!

Intro to Nose Work

This foundation level class will teach you and your dog the fundamental skills of the sport of Scent Detection. We will encourage drive to find the “hide” in containers and learn about skills such as reading your dog’s body language and timing the reward. The dogs will be introduced to their first official scent, Wintergreen. We will see their natural instinct shine thru!

Details to be decided. For information email: [email protected]

Novice / Started Scent

This set of classes will pick up from where the last set left off. We will continue building on our foundation by learning more about reading our dog’s body language, adding duration and improving your timing to accurately call “Alert”. We will be introducing articles, in preparation for Room Searches. You will be thrilled with how your dog becomes even more confident and accurate with finding hides!

Details to be decided. For information email: [email protected]

Ring Ready? Not Quite…

Now that your timing is right and you understand when your dog is showing you the hide, we will look more into what it takes to be ring ready. This level will cover multiple hides, more interior and exterior searches, as well as creating and maintaining a solid indication and pinpointing. You will be amazed with how talented your dog is at this game!

Details to be decided. For information email: [email protected]