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Teach your dog some fun tricks that will impress friends and family while strengthening your bond with your dog and improving our training skills. Besides just being a fun thing to do with your dog, especially on a stormy day, tricks can be used to build confidence and help with stress release during competition events whether it is obedience, agility or the conformation ring. At the same time we will learn some valuable training tools such as luring, shaping, targeting, capturing behaviours and developing a training plan.

Foundation Tricks
In this class we will work on foundation behaviours and familiarize everyone with the various training techniques of luring, shaping, targeting and capturing behaviours and developing a training plan. Our dogs will learn some classic tricks that can later be used as building blocks for teaching more complex tricks. They will also be introduced to some props and low jumping. Some of the tricks we will work on in this class include Go to bed, chin rest, shake paw, Thru legs, circle, bow, sit-up pretty, play dead, crawl, back away, spin, wave goodbye, wag your tail and Are you sad?

A food motivated dog that has basic obedience skills and a trainer with some patience and willingness to try new training techniques is an asset.

Next Session: Saturdays 3:30 – 4:25 starting November 2nd – 7 class session for $175.00

4-6 teams.

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Further levels will follow this class. Date and time TBD