Advanced Life Skills

Advanced Life Skills takes the following skills:

Sit/Down/Stand (Cues and holds)
Polite Leash Walking 
Place (a.k.a go to your bed)
Leave It
and proofs them through distance, duration and distraction work.

The dogs will continue to learn how to be calm, focus on and work with their owners, and grow their impulse control in a highly distracting environment. 

Open to dogs of all ages and breeds who have completed a Basic Life Skills course.

A minimum 15foot long line is required.

This class is not suitable for dogs with aggression or reactivity issues.

Upcoming Classes:

Summer/Fall 2024 classes to be decided
E-mail [email protected] (Leanne Lomond) to indicate interest in this class 
Cost: $200 tax included (a $50 deposit is required to hold your spot)
Class will be held all/primarily indoors. Possibly some outdoors work if weather permits.